Friday, May 4, 2012

We started our day by going to the council of foregin relations, speaking with specialist Husain. Recieveing his degree in London where he was born. In Husain's early years in college he joined a muslim extreamist group where he was exposed to many intense situations, a series of events as well as time led him to abondon those extreamist ideas. Husain specialized in politics associated with Aeribic countries. At this point we were all a little shocked at this amount of knowledge he portrayed upon us, his expriences was incredable. Conversing and listening to his stories were more than a pleasure. We really appreciate this experiance and in knowing the fact that there are people working to improve foregin relations. Next we went to tour the Intrepid. This is a museam unlike anyother. Being able to walk in a real submarine in the water was an experiance unlike anyother. We really enjoyed looking at the different types of planes. The museam was so interactive that it was a fun way to learn about air and space. We just wish the spaceshuttle was already there. Our next stop was China Town. This place is awesome. It almost feels like you are in China. We had a great time emersing ourselves in the culture. We briefly got to look inside of St. Patricks Church. Although this church was not as breath taking as the St. John's Church, we all enjoyed exploring St. Patrick's although we did not have very much time. The next stop was at Rockafeller Center's, Top of the rock. We got into an elevator and rode to the 68th floor, and then had to take the stairs to the 70th floor, where we saw the whole entire city of New York, and New Jersey. The view was breathtaking and amazing how you could see the entire Central Park, which is the biggest park in the middle of a major city, in the country. We all thought it was cool that we got to see, on top of the city, was every stop we made the entire trip we were here. Another cool aspect of the top of the rock was while riding the elevator, we were told to look up. At first we didnt get why because it was just plain white. Then, as we started up to the top floor, the ceiling went clear and we could see the inside machinery of the elevator and how fast we were going. After this stop, we went to a buffet for dinner which was good. Now we are in Time Square and waiting another hour for eveyone else and we are having fun. It is hard to believe that our trip comes to an end tomorrow and we head home. We will be arriving on campus late saturday night. Happy cinco de mayo everyone!

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  1. The view from the Top of the rock in the Rockefeller Building was most definitely breath taking! Anything that yo u hadn't discovered while walking through the city you were able to see from that level. We were on the 70th floor looking down at the city, how can your breath not be taken away, especially because you never know if you will have the opportunity to see it again, take the people who died during the crashing of the twin towers... They never would have thought that they would have drowned in their own city or work area at that, so I really do appreciate being able to see New York at its best and from that particular height!