Thursday, May 3, 2012

Gound Zero

Another action-packed day in NYC, including St. John's, the Apollo (we had a student take the stage--cool!) the MET, Central Park (via pedi-cab), and Times Square.  We look forward tomorrow to a discussion with a CFR scholar on the Arab Spring, a visit to the historic Essex-class Intrepid (go "Fighting I"), Top of the Rock, and much more in between and after.

Moment to reflect on Ground Zero....I left off yesterday with St. Paul's.  It's difficult to capture Ground Zero in words on a blog.  For me, to be physically on site, to gain perspective on the scale of carnage, to have an opportunity to hear first-hand accounts in person, really drove the event home for me and the students.  It so happens that one of our students lost his uncle on 9/11 and found his uncle's name on the remembrance wall.  Our guide says that when it comes to 9/11, there are two degrees of separation for New Yorkers:  You knew someone who was killed, or you know someone who knew someone who was killed.  Man.  The memorial, the fountains, the water falls and draining wells within the towers' footprints, against the backdrop of the 1776 Freedom Tower, speaks to the tragedy of the event and honors loved-ones lost....CSC-NYC   

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