Thursday, May 3, 2012

Today was another awesome day in New York. We started off by going to St. John's Cathedral. It was beautiful. We found out that it is the largest cathedral in the U.S. The articheture was amazing and told stories itsself. One thing that was particularlly interesting was that the church has two distinct arcitecture styles. The oldest part was done in a roman style while the newer part was in a gothic style. After the cathedral we went to the Apollo theatre. It was an anazing historical site. To be able to stand on a stage that so many great people have was humbling. We were also very fortunate to have an amazing tour guide who had been there since the 1960's. His stories are unmatched. We aldo really enjoyed seeing all of the famous signatures on the stage. The MET was our next stop. We saw so much art that it was almost overwhelming. A majority of us really enjoyed the Roman exhibit. The Islamic exhibit was also breath taking. We really reccomend visiting it. The favorite part of our day was our pedicabs through Central Park. Central Park is beautiful. The tour tourguides were awesome and did an oustanding job. It is definately the best way to see the park. Ourdinner tonight was at Ellen's Stardust. The food is good and the wait staff is different from the average resturant. They sang the whole time!! All of them had great voices and entertained us with awesome numbers. To end our day we spent more time in Times Square. This place is incredible. It is definately one of our favorite places. We can't wait to see what tomorrow brings.

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  1. I definitely agree with you. Standing on the stage where many of the stars our parents generation and even people we listen to today was very humbling and almost seemed to good to be true. We learned a lot of history about the surrounding community and also about our speaker at the Apollo. This experience opened my eyes to see that everyone has to start somewhere no matter your fortunes.
    When it came to our ride through central park, for me this was breath taking. The scenery was beautiful and rich with culture and historical landings. To know that we rode past or even took pictures of the very places we have seen in movies or on television was right in front our eyes is a really exciting moment in life. During that bike ride, I discovered that people everywhere can leave a mark in history, its really depends on how controversial or sensational a event can be. The perfect example was standing across the street from where John F. Kennedy was shot, that's totally exclusive!!!